The Ladies

"It was a testament to this Yorkshire bred duo that in a land so deeply woven and rich in the tapestries of storytelling, the spoken word, musicality and poetry, they received appreciation and acknowledgement wherever they played."

Romy Needham - Director Cocoro Promotions

Ireland Thirteen

What was your favourite venue to play in Ireland and Why?

 Laura:  With regard to venue, I loved the Grand Social in Dublin. The lighting and sound were perfect. But I absolutely loved playing Matt Molloy's in Westport for the amazing atmosphere! It was so warm and positive.

 Anna:  I loved The Zodiac Session set at Bruxelles in Dublin, it was a busy night and you could hear a pin drop when we started to sing so the atmosphere was electric. I don't think they knew what to expect from two Bradford lasses!

What were your highlights?

 Laura:  Does this have to be music related? Because I truly enjoyed the Guinness...

 Anna:  Me too, and the craic! On a music note though, being lucky enough to play in the venues we did was unreal and the reception we got will be something that sticks with me forever. Having Matt Molloy from The Chieftains listen to your set and then comment on how much he loved it was pretty special.

Who inspired you the most out of the acts you played alongside?

 Laura:  I right enjoyed all the acts, and we met some amazingly talented and beautiful people. But The Wild Geese were on top form and it was an absolute joy to be welcomed in West Port as a wild gosling... And to be loaned a lovely guitar after mine took its own life *wipes a tear*

 Anna:  There was a couple of stand out acts to me. Twin Headed Wolf provided such an experience to watch and a talented guy by the name of Ray Scully. He has one of the best voices I have heard in a long time. Packed full of talent those beautiful Emerald Isles. We can't wait to get back!!

What couldn't you have lived without?

 Laura:  Rosie the van!! She was a safe haven... And Guinness... A Guinness drip would have sufficed.

 Anna:  Yes it would, ahhh the black stuff :) Cheesily, we couldn't have gotten by without each other. We had an absolute ball.